Sunday, 27 November 2011

Crown Prince & Crown Princess have a new home!

The Crown Prince Imperial and the Crown Princess Imperial moved into their new townhouse in the LEGO(c) Capital City, Alexandria this weekend.  In a short public interview, the future Tsar and Tsarina, emphasised their support of the well-being and democratic rights of all minifigs worldwide. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

We Will Remember...

New outfits for the Imperial Guard were graciously supplied by the Empire of Legoland and its minifig dress department in reciprocation for the handmade Imperial Robes sent to the Emperor David... A donation was made for their supply from the Caprican Empire's State Exhibition Fund.
   'His Imperial Majesty's Government of the Caprican Empire and the Kingdom of the Low Islands will always seek to peacefully support emergent Lego states,' Cameron Davidoff, First Minister, 2011.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Caprican Empire Supports Failing Economies Abroad

The Imperial Train has been sold to ardent supporters of the Caprican Throne!  Albeit in the remote Caprican Empire Province of Canadia!  The train will be sent in the forthcoming days. 
On a more somber note, the well-being of minifigs in the financially bankrupted state of Legoland has been addressed with a K70,000 interim payment to the dictatorial state ruled by the Emperor David and a host of other 'hangers on'.  It is hoped that the payment will supercede a more gentile approach to international politics from the failing state.
Only time will tell.   EDITOR

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Caprican Times Late Edition

Alexandrian students celebrated tonight over the recent news that a new Lego state has been discovered!  It seems that the state of PBR may soon be in communication with the Empire of Caprica and the Kingdom of the Low Islands!  Caprica awaits a formal diplomatic invite from the PBR but rumours abound that HIM Tsar Ivan IV may well be bestowing honours in the new year if diplomatic ties are tied!  Caprica will be investigating ways of contacting the PBR in the next few weeks. 

Possible Legoland Revolution!

Concerns mount tonight over the safety of HIM Emperor David of Legoland and his minifigs!  The Caprican Government has also stated that it will work alongside the PBR if they are interested in bringing peace and harmony to all Lego minifig states.  Prime Minister Davidoff is awaiting further responses from the PBR and President Brik.   The Empire may well pledge financial support to maintain the recent peace in the PBR and thus build a more harmonious minifig global community.  President Brik may well find himself nominated for the Nouvelle Caprican Peace Award and gain himself an honourary Caprican Title in doing so!!

Please note, neither the Empire of Legoland nor the Caprican Empire is in any way associated with LEGOLAND or the LEGO Group

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Legoland Finances Plummit!

Legoland seems to be becoming more and more precarious each day!  The Caprican Foreign office advises against travel to Legoland until further notice.  The Imperial Caprican Government, The Eulenbourg, will be in negotiation with the Government of Legoland in the next few months to try to help resolve internal Legoland instabilities with the hopeful end result of a more financially viable state! 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fears for Legoland

The University of Alexandria has dispelled the recent horrific scenes in the Legoland Capital as 'Artistic License' and has advised the Caprican and Low Islands populace to remain calm 'as usual' over events far beyond our Gallic Shores.  The Celestial Good News Editor is under investigation by the ISFO and it would seem some in Caprica have suggested the Dowager Palace be made into an Embassy for Legoland befitting the one burned down last week in the Legoland Capital. 
On a more scientific note... His Grace the Duke of Liverpold announced yesterday the success of using electrical current to produce vast amounts of hydrogen that could be used in the production of 'Lighter than Air' craft.  Let us see what the future brings!  Deppelins! What a strange word that would bring to Capricans! 

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Caprican Free Press (!)

Some have come to say that the Free Press of Caprica is becoming a little 'too' free!  The Editor of the Celestial Good News is under investigation and the Caprican Twitter Network is under Police Surveillance since the 'Pizza Riot' (in fact a student party) outside the Legoland Embassy last week. 
However, it emerged today that the Caprican Embassy in Legoland was burned down, an act of utter tragic violence that has horrified the Caprican and Low Island general public.  The Eulenbourg and the Winter Palace have not as yet made an official statement. 
The Metropolitan Police of Alexandria are advising against new demonstrations outside the Legoland Embassy.  His Excellency, Mr Groons, Ambassador to Legoland will appear on a debate show with Mr Mikail Parkinovic this Saturday.  Mr Groons has made a full recovery and is expected to 'Make or Break' Caprican/Legoland Diplomacy this Saturday.
Miss Isabella von Worditch stated, "I was looking forward to the 'Give PEAS a Chance' demo!  Apparently this was going to be a VEGITARIAN party!  Honestly, the Legoland Embassy has brought fun to Alexandria and Alexandrian Students!  Before we only had the Fresher's Fair!"

Friday, 26 August 2011

Demonstrations and 'PIZZA RIOT' in Alexandria

What a storm in porcelain teacup! 
Never before in the History of the Empire have there been demonstrations!  Many are now arguing that diplomatic relations should never have been opened with 'Volatile' States!  The Caprican Twitter Network crashed last week with calls for a 'Pizza and Beer Fest' outside the Legoland Embassy!  The First Minister was outraged that TWO beer cans were thrown into the streets of Alexandria and NOT picked up by their drinkers!  The Government will be reviewing the 'Consumption of Beverages' Laws in the next Parliament.  First Minister Cameron Davidoff has stated, "Let it be known that these two vandals will face the full weight of the Law for their indiscriminate actions when they are found!"
It was found out later that Miss Karina Coleburg, picked up both cans the following morning stating, "Oh, I am so sorry, I thought I had put the empty cans in my rucksack!  But there was a hole in the bottom!  The Pizza Party was WELL LUSH though! YUM!  I even had a bit of Lasagne, WITH CHIPS whilst demonstrating!"
Miss Coleburg was later given a full parden by the City Chief of Police and the First Minister.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Royal Wedding Edition of Caprica on Sunday

Official:  The Royal Couple will spend the next few days in Alexandria before setting off on their honeymoon aboard the Royal Yacht on Lake Oakmere

Saturday, 23 April 2011

HIYA! Magazine 'The Big Day'

The 'Biggest Cultural Event' in the history of the Empire was recorded by HIYA! Magazine and The Caprican Times Group along with the Caprican News Network (CNN)

Front Cover

The evening before the wedding, Page 2

The Guests arriving, Page 3

The Imperial Family arrives, Page 4

The Royal Procession, Page 5

The Abbey and Ceremony, Page 6

Inside The Winter Palace, Page 7

The Balcony, Page 8

Royal Wedding Pictures

Their Graces the Duke & Duchess of Molebourg, TIH The Crown Prince & Princess Imperial, TIM The Tsar & Tsarina wave to the crowds from the balcony of The Winter Palace, Alexandria

Friday, 22 April 2011

The Winter Palace Balcony is made ready for the appearance of
HIH The Tsarevich Peter, The Crown Prince Imperial and Lady Sarah
after their wedding tomorrow!  HIM The Tsar has been granting Imperial Titles this evening whilst HIM The Tsarina has been entertaining guests in the Music Room.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Caprican on Sunday Latest News

The Biggest Caprican Cultural Event So Far...  April 23rd 2011

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Royal Wedding Dress Designer Announced!

The designer of the Royal Wedding Dress has been announced!  As assumed it's the Fashion House of Ede & Ravensburg, suppliers of fashion to the Imperial Family for over 150 years.  Kalvin Klineborg and Violet Westworld gave a joint, and some have said 'disgruntled' interview on CBC Radio 2 shortly after the announcement. 

 'Perhaps, her ladyship should have chosen something a little more avant garde!  Going to the shop that 'Great Granny' bought her clothes is not very ambitious!  I could have done a fantastically artistic piece, a la Ga Ga...  Raw beef, she would have been the 'attenzione centrale' and the 'main course' - all in a day!  What Art THAT would have been... hmmmpf!!!', Kalvin Klineborg and Violet Westworld, yesterday on CBC Radio 2

But not perhaps what the Caprican Public expect of the First Family!

Sunday, 27 February 2011

His Excellency the Ambassador to Legoland meets with HIM The Tsar

His Excellency arrives at the Winter Palace, Alexandria

Sir Reginal Isaac Groons, Ambassador to Legoland, arrives through the Ambassador's Entrance and meets with the Lord Chamberlain, Mr Valentino Paravic

The Ambassador gives a short interview with CNN, the Caprican News Network

The Lord Chamberlain announces the Ambassador to TIM The Tsar and Tsarina in The Throne Room

The Ambassador pays his respects to The Emperor and Empress

The Ambassador has a jovial conversation with the Caprican Head of State

The Emperor and Ambassador then enjoy a private conversation and later Afternoon Tea in The Music Room 

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ambassador to Legoland arrives in Alexandria!

His Excellency, Mr Reginald Isaac Groons, Ambassador to The Capricas and The Low Islands, has finally arrived in Alexandria today.  This sees a new friendship begin between The Caprican Empire based outside of London and the Legoland Empire based outside of Dublin.
His Excellency met with the Caprican Foreign Minister, Mr Nikolas Legovic, in his Embassy Office where the two Diplomats imbibed a few drinks and shared stories from their countries.

Please Note that The Empire of Legoland is not in any way or form associated with LEGOLAND©

Monday, 21 February 2011

Royal Wedding Invitations

The Invites to the Imperial Royal Wedding have been made; according to the latest press release from the Lord Chamberlain's Office in the Winter Palace,  Alexandria.  Will you get yours?  The official guest list remains undisclosed!  When asked, one Alexandrian commented, 'Obama who?  William and Kate?  Who are they my dear?  I've lived in this fine city for 63 years, never heard of those folk.  Do they live on the East side?'  There you have it... Guess the Caprican State Curiculum in Geography might need revising!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


The venue of the Royal Wedding is under question!   The Winter Palace has been deemed too small for the guest list!  The Eulenbourg is the largest building in Alexandria.  Will this be chosen?  Some loyal Royal watchers have suggested that the Theatre Royal may be used as a reception venue.

Royal Wedding Dress News

The Royal Wedding of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Imperial to Lady Sarah von Molebourg on April 23rd is certainly causing a stir amongst the Free Press of Caprica!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

HIM Tsar Ivan IV Emperor of all the Capricas, King of the Low Islands
HIM the Tsarina Elizabeth, the Empress Consort

This picture taken on the event of the Imperial Coronation December 2009.  his Imperial Majesty, the Tsar wears the Imperial State Crown and Sword of State at his left side.  He holds the Sapphire Sceptre and Orb.  Her Imperial Majesty, the Tsarina wears the Imperial Consorts Coronet and the Alexandria necklace/tiara (this can be worn as a necklace or tiara, in the picture it is worn as a necklace) and holds the Consorts Sceptre and carries the Consorts Orb.
   The Emperor is seen wearing full state attire with his Coronation Robes of State.  The Empress is wearing a gold embroidered state gown with Robes of State attached at the waist.