Saturday, 29 December 2012

Alexandria to get new Cinema

The City Council, after many months of negotiation, has finally announced the development of a new Cinema Complex in Alexandria.  It will be built on the corner of The Mall and Freemason Street.  Construction will start probably in March of 2013 and be made public from that point.  The complex known as the 'Palace Cinema' (named after the many palaces in Alexandria) will be managed by the 'Arts Council' based at the 'Theatre Royale' and will be a venue whereby Caprican Film Makers may 'Premiere' their stop start motion pictures!

Partially based on the Grauman's Theatre in Los Angeles, the new Palace Cinema will be remodelled to incorporate iPhone/iPod technology as does the Theatre Royale.  This will be a second hall of entertainment for the peoples of the Empire based in the capital city in Alexandria.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Emperor's Yuletide Speech 2012

The Winter Palace

'This year has been one filled with both sadness and happiness, hard work and justice, not only in our own homelands, but also in those lands populated by minifigs abroad.
Not long after the year had started, Emperor Ivan, my late father, passed away suddenly leaving the heavy burden of The Crown upon the shoulders of myself and my wife, The Empress.  The Empire of the Capricas, The Kingdom of The Low Islands and The Dominions Beyond The Seas immediately mourned the passing of my father, but were then jubilant at the Coronation event. 
Memorial Statue to Tsar Ivan IV now in place at the front of The Winter Palace
My father, the late Emperor, bestowed upon me the meaning of our government.  It is primarily you, the people, who choose your leaders and the job of the First Minister to co-ordinate both policy and law.  The First Minister then takes your elected leaders recommendations to the Senate Elect, again your elected representatives for adoption.  After this, legislation is passed to the Imperial Council, of which, I as Emperor, am chair.  The Imperial Council is made up of Elder Statesmen.  Our system of Tricameral Government, thus ensures fairness, thought and longevity in all legislative.  Something we should all feel proud of, a unique system of Government.
The Coronation of Emperor Peter III and Empress Sarah
Our coronation symbolised the bond we have made with our people.  Our oath to uphold the fundamental principles of the Government and what it is to be Caprican.  To recognise that the individual, supported by the highest level, has rights above those of religion and personal prejudice, a right to be individual so long as it hurts no-one or the state.  My wife and I will uphold these laws to our end and pass their values onto our children who will one day be leaders of this great state themselves.
Tsar Peter dictating the Yuletide Speech 2012 from The Winter Palace, Alexandria
With our Embassy in the Empire of Legoland burned and an unwarranted distrust from abroad, it was not a good start to my reign.  However, the past few days have given me hope and should also be celebrated among the people.  As Yuletide celebrations are underway in our lands, let us remember that this is a celebration of unity and a passing from dark days into lighter ones.  With unity comes strength and courage, further mottos of our lands.  Only yesterday I learned that the Empire of Legoland, under the reign of Emperor David, has passed equality laws worthy of such a great overseas nation.  This act, initiated by HIM Emperor David, consolidates my late Father's belief in him as a truly noble ruler after bestowing upon him the KGCO. 
Relations between The Capricas and Legoland are set to spiral and allow our great nations to teach younger states the benefits of our unity and wisdom.
In closing, I would like to wish all a very Merry Yuletide Celebration.  Celebrate with harmony and tolerance.  Make merry how you wish so long as it harms or offends none.'
Emperor Peter III

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Yuletide Ball

TIM The Emperor and Empress tonight opened the Yuletide festivities in Alexandria by hosting the annual Yuletide Ball. In attendance were HIM The Dowager Empress, TIH The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Carpentaria, HSH Prince Michael of Carpentaria, HIH Grand Duke Sebastian, HIH Grand Duchess Maria, Lady Eleanor Brandenbourg (newly appointed nanny),  His Excellency Sir Reginald Isaac Groons Ambassador from the infant state of Legoland and His Excellency Sir Ronald Vessov KGCO Ambassador to Caprica from the Empire's oldest allies in the Republic of Speilzugland.

His Excellency, Ambassador Groons entertains the Caprican Royalty and Aristocracy.
The assembled Royalty and Social Elite listened politely as Ambassador Groons pontificated politics to those well wisened in the art of diplomacy and politics.  Ambassador Groons' description of certain minority citizens in the Legoland Empire made many Ladies gasp in horror!  Was Groons Guest D'honeur or Guest D'horreur!!  Minority MiniFig intollerance is unaceptable in the Empire of Caprica as the Ambassador soon found out.  Ambassador Groons was politely listened to despite his massive faux pas!

His Excellency the Ambassador to Speilzugland finally challenged Ambassador Groons in a light hearted rubric.  Many witnesses stated it as being, 'An elder statesman uncle rapping the wrist of a younger upstart nephew. The ladies of the Royal Family and Imperial Court much enjoyed the banter and applauded both Ambassadors for their converse.'  It was noted by Lady Amelia Copenhague that HIM The Dowager Empress, 'Shook the hand of Ambassador Vessov and nodded politely to Ambassador Groons.'  TIM The Emperor and Empress laughed at the banter and soon ordered music and drinks be played and served. 


Monday, 3 December 2012

New Royal Baby Expected!

The Winter Palace has announced this morning, that TIM The Emperor and Empress are expecting the birth of their first child in early January. The Dowager Empress and the Duke and Duchess of Molebourg are said to be delighted at the news of their first grandchild. The baby will instantly become first in line to the throne and the first child born to a reigning monarch since Empress Catherine.