Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New Building in Alexandria

Amidst peace talks with the 'Empire of Legoland', a new building is to be constructed in Alexandria.  The 'Palace' Nightclub/Cinema construction will start this weekend!  Paid for from various non-government funding which includes the Tsar Ivan IV memorial fund, public donations, rhubarb harvests and private investment, the 'Palace' was thoughtfully designed and named to fit in with the Imperial nature of our capital city.

The new Government Site was created today to relay official sentiments of HIM Caprican Government.  Restrictions to News Reporting were also lifted in the Eulenbourg today.  However, it has been decided by the Editors in Chief of all News representatives to adhere to an unwritten code of conduct to rise above the 'Legolomaniac' views of overseas Nations and report 'News' truthfully and without 'rubrick' or 'tabloidisms' as have been witnessed recently in 'Legoland'  (not the official Legoland).

Monday, 4 March 2013

Separation of Government News and Caprican News Network (CNN)

The Official Site of the Imperial Caprican Government and the Caprican News Network (CNN) are undergoing a partition. Under new Government legislation the Caprican News Network will be free to publish its views but the new Government site will publish the correct views of the Empire of Caprica and the Kingdom of the Low Islands and its Dominions Beyond the Seas...

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Heir to the Throne is born!

The Empress Delivers a Boy!
Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress Sarah, has this evening safely delivered a baby boy.  His Imperial Highness the new Tsarevitch, Frederick William Petrovitch was born at 8pm at the Winter Palace in Alexandria.  When the new Tsarevitch takes the throne he will be known Emperor Frederick II.  The Nation and our Territories beyond the Seas welcomes our future Emperor into the world.
The Winter Palace in Alexandria, the only working Minifig Palace in the World...

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Imperial Motto Adjusted!

The Imperial Motto has, under Tsar Peter III been amended. It will now carry the extra wording, 'Dormientes ursi numquam debet excitato'. Meaning 'Sleeping Bears should never be awakened! And so they should NOT! Caprica is a force to be more than reckoned with! We are respectful but also demand respect!