Monday, 29 April 2013

May 4th Holiday Forces Parade Banned from International Eyes

May 4th Forces Day

HIM Meets With Members Of The Armed Forces

HIM Tsar Peter III Emperor of the Capricas and King of the Low Islands, along with HIM the Tsarina, today met with a small select representative of HIM Armed Forces in the Ballroom of the Winter Palace.  May 4th 'Empire Forces Day' is the first National Holiday of the year. 

TIMs meet a small selection of the Armed Forces
Normally May 4th would be broadcast and photographed, however, the MODFA has decided to ban all press from posting the event internationally under the present climate.  A comment from the MODFA suggested that posting video or photographs of the Caprican Army on parade would invoke feelings of jealousy from minor states abroad and leak crucial technological data.
The Conservative Party voiced their total agreement by stating: 'It is a fundamental principle of conservatism to "keep ourselves to ourselves", let the voters have their say too, soon!'
Who knows, who indeed knows!

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