Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ambassador to Legoland Arrives Safely

HSH Prince Christian and HSH Princess Grace Arrive in LEGOLAND

CNN has heard from official channels that TSHs The Prince and Princess of Carpentaria have arrived safely in Legoland and are housed 'safely' in Davidium, the Legoland capital.  The Eulenbourg has also released information stating that TSHs are limited to 30 words in communication with the MODFA and that on arrival TSHs were 'interrogated' by the Legoland Secret Police!  This action has been explained but at this time the CNN has not heard whether this was an interview or torture!  The CNN can only speculate on this matter.  However, if TSHs have been mishandled in ANY way the outcome, CNN speculates, would be war... 
But if the Legoland populace embrace TSHs a very different turn of events would blossom!  Who knows... Perhaps peace between two very different cultures may germinate!
It has emerged that TSHs dress and uniform caused a concern with the Legoland Government, apparently in Legoland minifigs DO NOT CHANGE CLOTHES!  This puts into question both the Legoland economy and personal hygiene!  They obviously do not have free trade or department stores whereby minifigs may buy alternative dress!  The Emperor and his people must smell - somewhat - and how 'Medieval'! 


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