Saturday, 5 January 2013

Still the biggest and best!

Following pictures of the Palace Cinema, it would seem that the Auditorium of the Theatre Royal in Alexandria still holds the record for the largest modular Auditorium in the World!  Seating 81 minifigures on three levels and with a capacity for iPhone movies and full theatrical performances...
The classical front of the Theatre Royal, Alexandria
The Stage from 'The Gods'
Looking into the Auditorium from backstage, the stalls (seats 36) are below stage level

The Auditorium from above, the Royal Circle or Royal Tier has three dedicated seats for the Imperial Family.  Normally in a theatre these would be on the side in 'Boxes', this is something I am thinking about for the future.  However, at the moment there is a lot of work to do on the Winter Palace...

Auditorium from the side

The Proscenium Arch under construction...  Most theatres of this standard have one... The new Palace Cinema, when bought, will be considered a Theatrette, a small scale venue for 'Fringe Events' a place for new aspiring artists.  The Theatre Royal however, will remain the Main Venue for Ballet, Opera and Theatre in Alexandria.

Classical on the inside, classical on the outside.  The theatre was designed using the LEGO Digital Designer.  The bricks were ordered (as you could do that then) and subsequently the theatre was built.  I tried a corner theatre but it never worked.  Part of my design must, was of course stalls, royal circle and gods.  At some point I will design a display board for the outside and print off posters for the windows at street level.  The ground floor has the Green Room, a place to buy refreshments and drinks and tickets.  The actual auditorium is on the level above the outside arches to the roof.  I like to think LEGO named their Palace Cinema after the Theatre Royal in Alexandria, as mine looks a bit like a mini palace!  Who knows? 

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