Sunday, 6 March 2011

Royal Wedding Dress Designer Announced!

The designer of the Royal Wedding Dress has been announced!  As assumed it's the Fashion House of Ede & Ravensburg, suppliers of fashion to the Imperial Family for over 150 years.  Kalvin Klineborg and Violet Westworld gave a joint, and some have said 'disgruntled' interview on CBC Radio 2 shortly after the announcement. 

 'Perhaps, her ladyship should have chosen something a little more avant garde!  Going to the shop that 'Great Granny' bought her clothes is not very ambitious!  I could have done a fantastically artistic piece, a la Ga Ga...  Raw beef, she would have been the 'attenzione centrale' and the 'main course' - all in a day!  What Art THAT would have been... hmmmpf!!!', Kalvin Klineborg and Violet Westworld, yesterday on CBC Radio 2

But not perhaps what the Caprican Public expect of the First Family!

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